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What is Body Tempering?

Body Tempering is a form of IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) performed with weighted cylinders (kettlebells, sandbags, medballs and kegs can also be used). It was developed in 2006 by former SHW world champion Powerlifter (the first person to total 3000lbs) and inventor Donnie Thompson .

What does it do?

Body Tempering is used to accelerate sport activity performance and recovery by combating soft tissue restrictions. It also reduces muscle soreness and tightness and can improve range of motion and joint mobilization.

Body tempering certified?

I received my body tempering certification from Donnie Thompson in January 2020 and am the first person outside of America to be certified in Body Tempering.

Who uses Tempering ?

Body Tempering is gaining popularity worldwide but has been used by athletes in the NBA, Major league Baseball, NFL, NCAA and Olympic athletes for years.


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