About Richard

Welcome to RDS Fitness, my name is Richard. I have been helping people achieve their fitness goals for over 9 years from losing weight, gaining muscle and improving sports performance.

Having worked with people from the age of 11-67 I have gained a wealth of knowledge and experience which I personalise to each client’s individual’s needs, lifestyle and goal.

I am a level 4 personal trainer and have a background in cricket, rugby and jujitsu achieving my 2nd dan black belt. In January 2020 I became Body Tempering certified under Donnie Thompson (the first person to total 3000lbs in powerlifting) becoming one of the first people outside of America to be certified.

Get in contact and let’s get to work.

About Cheryl

From an early age , I have felt a specific passion toward sport . I grew up being inspired by netball , then found myself motivated to do long distance running with my sister alongside me , then I took this on as a priority rather than just a hobby !
I’m 48 a mother of 4 , and adore encouraging my children to participate in fitness activities too. I’m an energetic , bubbly and a friendly character always open to helping those around me.