1-on-1 Training

When it comes to training I am a big believer that one size does not fit all: everyone is unique and has different goals and lifestyles so it is important to cater to each individual’s requirements. I have worked with a range of clients aged between 17-67 with different goals, from losing fat to increasing muscle mass.

Exercise Coaching

Nutritional Support

Goal Setting

How it works

Stage 1:

Initial Consultation – After an initial phone call, we’ll invite you to the Studio for a face to face consultation so we can gather as much information on your goals, lifestyle, training history, past or present injuries (if any), and eating habits, setting the stage for designing your tailor-made plan.

Stage 2:

Screening – During the screening session, we will get you to perform a series of movements and examine your posture so we can see any imbalances or areas we need to address based on your consultation. We will then create and agree your exercise and dietary plan following the screening.

Stage 3:

The Plan  – The next step is setting you up with your plan on our RDS Training app, which will allow you to track your progress and meet daily challenges. All your exercises will have annotations and videos to support you in your plan.

Nutritional support is available through calorie and macronutrient goals, access to all 12 of our recipe books and our RDS Guide to Nutrition which explains the basics on nutrition. Through the MyFitnessPal app, we will track your food intake alongside your dietary plan.

Stage 4:

Training – With your goals set and you plan agreed, its go time. We get to work on helping you achieve you goal and guide you through the process one step at a time, updating your plan and nutrition as and when we need to.

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