Nutrition is the most significant factor in fat loss, muscle gain or performance.

Are you struggling to stick to your eating plan?
You’re busy, unprepared, have a hectic work or family life and need ways to accommodate social eating.

Do you lack choices and need fast and easy ways to hit your nutritional requirements?
You want to eat healthy tasty meals without spending hours on end planning or cooking them while staying on track.

Do you need help with making food choices on the go?
You don’t need to carry Tupperware box’s everywhere you go, eating out shouldn’t keep you up at night or mean you have to miss social events.

What you get with the RDS Performance Recipe book?


Each recipe book is packed full of 30 + healthy, nutritious and calorie-controlled recipes.

Making it easier for you to hit your calorie and macronutrient goals.
This added tool makes life easier time and allowing users to track your food with ease.
Eating out needn’t be a chore or a worry with our commercial eating guides to assist you in making better choices from your favourite eateries and restaurants.

Each recipe is broken down into caloires, carbs, fats, protein and fibre

Each recipe comes with a barcode which can be scanned on MyFitnessPal.

Commercial eating guides

Below you can see logos of some the eateries and restaurants that the commercial eating guides have suggestions for

Commerial eating guid example

Recipe Book Packages


  • 1 Recipe Book


  • 3 Recipe Books (one a month)
  • 1 Commercial Eating Guide Package


  • 6 Recipe Books (one a month)
  • 3 Commercial Eating Guide Packages


  • 12 Recipe Books (one a month)
  • 5 Commercial Eating Guide Packages